My Story

There is very little in this world that I am not passionately curious about. From physics to fountain pens, food politics to Linux, sustainability to Paganism, accessibility rights to Permaculture, I find my interests range far and wide. This blog will hopefully serve as my home to sharing my many experiences and passions with the world. You will also see some earlier blogs have been migrated to this one.

I grew up in a small town in central Wisconsin. My parents were dislocated Irish Catholic farmers from the prairie. They taught me the wisdom of honoring and stewarding the land as the gift it is. We always had a garden and a yard of continuously blooming herbs, edible flowers, fruits, and vegetables. I was very blessed to have a home and family that loves me and spoiled me rotten with special gardens and hand-me-down computers.

My sister and I on her birthday in 2011
My sister and I on her birthday in 2011

My older sister, Heather, had a disease called FOP. Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva is a rare genetic mutation that causes muscles and ligaments to turn to bone. Heather was very lucky not to have any major flare-ups (events of bone formation) until she was in middle school. She was a super smart cookie with a wicked sense of humor. When she lost the ability to move her arms, she used grilling tongs to eat. Simple innovations like that allowed her to live independently for many years. Sadly, she passed away in the fall of 2012 after months of care in hospice. I loved my sister and all that her struggles taught me. It has inspired me to fight for many issues of social justice. People are always more than the classifications we put them in!

I studied physics at Creighton University, a lovely school with a social setting much like high school. There were some amazing experiences, but it probably was not the best place for me at the time.

On the coast of Batumi, Georgia with some of my 10th graders
On the coast of Batumi, Georgia with some of my 10th graders

I went on to teach abroad in Georgia, no not the state the country. The hospitality and warmth I discovered in that small, beautiful country was outstanding. Some of my favorite memories (and recipes!) are still from my time there. You can read old posts of my travels on this blog under the category Teach and Learn with Georgia.

Now I work at the State Law Library in Madison, WI. It helps pay the bills, including school loans, while allowing me to indulge my love of libraries. I spend my free-time in Madison working on Community Gardens. I’m a founding member of the Crowley Station Community Garden. This year I will also be working with Brittingham Community Garden. I love getting my hands dirty and discussing the best ways to change the world while weeding. Ultimately, I’d like to own my own farm and B&B. My boyfriend and I hope to grow many things and integrate Permaculture ideals into our farm. Some day soon!

When I’m not working at my day job or gardening, you can find me online telling stories and building communities. I’m active on many platforms (links on the bottom of the page). I love to meet and work with fellow Pagans or gush over the newest fountain pens. YouTube and Instagram are a couple of my favorite places to hang out right now. If you’ve seen my personal youtube channel, don’t forget to check out the collab channel Pagan Perspective for more wonderful videos. I love that I can travel the world and form real relationships with the many inspiring people I meet online. Please feel free to get in touch with me!


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