My Story

I am passionately curious about how an earth-centered spirituality and lifestyle can bring peace and wisdom to my life. Esoteric Moment is the online, sacred grove where I can share the wisdom found in Druidry, Pagan Books, and Permaculture with others who share this passion. Let me share a little about where my journey and curiosity began.

Heather & Danni Niles
My sister and I on her birthday in 2011

I was raised Irish Catholic in a family of farmers and teachers. It was understood that you first loved God, your neighbors, and then the gifts of the land. Walking the farm was as much a spiritual lesson as economic necessity.

Through a winding and twisty path, my relationship with divinity grew and changed. The most important spiritual experiences for me were always through the land. Whether I was at the farm I grew up on or a park in the city, there was a peace and sublime pleasure in the natural world that I could not, and still cannot, replicate in any other setting. So the Earth is now my temple and priestess.


Druidry has been the easiest way I can relate my spiritual life and experiences with others. I have finished the Druid grade through OBOD.  I facilitate a local OBOD seed group, Firefly Valley, in Madison, WI. My community also comes from talking and learning with folks online through YouTube, this blog, and social media; we are all Saplings in this sacred grove!

Some Druids feel that the path is more a philosophy or a way to honor their history and ancestry. But, for me it is my primary expression of spirituality and is all the religion I need right now.

Reading about Paganism is one of the best ways that I can feed my curiosity. I spend hours reading as many books as I can get my hands on. I then post reviews online so that others can better decide what is worth their precious reading time and what isn’t.


My husband, Brad, and I are currently installing a permaculture design onto our 8.8 acre farm in the Driftless Region of Wisconsin.  We aim to increase our sustainability and heal our tiny part of the world through the tenants of permaculture. Already on our farm we have poultry, fruit trees, and a large garden. The house needs a big renovation and the barn is falling down. Progress has slowed a bit now that we are raising our twin sons, Rowan and Trisitin. Step by step we’ll work on restoring this beautiful farm and making a home for our own family that is deeply rooted to the Earth.

However your journey began, I’m curious to learn your story! Please share it with me on the comments of this blog, over at YouTube, Instagram, or Twitter. You’ll find my current reading list on GoodReads.  Let’s grow together as Saplings and use our curiosity to find peace in this sacred grove!