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Category: Druidry

I was raised Irish Catholic in a family of farmers and teachers. It was understood that you first loved God, then your neighbors, and then the gifts of the land. Walking the farm was as much a spiritual lesson as economic necessity.

Through a winding and twisty path my relationship with divinity grew and changed. The most important spiritual experiences for me have always been through the land. Whether I was at the farm I grew up on or a park in the city, there was a peace and sublime pleasure in the natural world that I could not, and still cannot, replicate in any other setting. So the Earth is now my temple and priestess.

Druidry has been the easiest way I can relate my spiritual life and experiences with others. I am currently working on my Ovate grade through OBOD. I work mostly as a solitary Druid. My community comes from talking and learning with folks online through YouTube, this blog, and social media. Some Druids feel that the path is more a philosophy or a way to honor their history and ancestry. But, for me it is my primary expression of spirituality and is all the religion I need right now.

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