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Category: Teach & Learn with Georgia 2011

I volunteered as an English teacher in the Republic of Georgia from January to July in 2011 through the program Teach and Learn with Georgia. I met some of the most amazing and generous people I have ever been graced with knowing. Through the language barriers and different educational philosophies I learned more about myself and what I hoped to create in this world. Georgia is a beautiful country filled with mountains, beaches, historical churches and monuments, delicious food, and lovely wine. Originally, I blogged about these adventures elsewhere but have migrated all old posts and pictures here. If you have any questions about the experience or traveling to Georgia, please feel free to ask!

I could not recommend traveling to and living in Georgia enough. It was truly one of the best experiences of my life.

The Never Ending Ticket

From my last post you might be thinking that I’m on my way back to the states. Sadly, you would be terribly wrong. Getting your ticket from a Georgian travel […]

The Cliche Good-bye Post

Of course, the last two weeks I’m here things have to get super busy. I’ve had a great deal of intriguing adventures to write about and no time to do […]

Independence Day Protests

So, one more post today about something that is making the news here and in the US. Thursday was Georgia’s Independence Day from Russia. Most of my neighbors had supras […]

Sunshine and Sneezes

Whew! It has been a very busy month. The end of the school year is approaching. This means students are, surprise surprise, even crazier than they have been the last […]