The Never Ending Ticket

From my last post you might be thinking that I’m on my way back to the states. Sadly, you would be terribly wrong.

Getting your ticket from a Georgian travel agency is like trying to solve non-linear equations with your 8th grade math book. The basic skills should theoretically help you at least gain a very general idea of what is happening. Can I, using my skills of traveling in America, gain a general idea of what is happening with my trip home? Nope. It just isn’t going to happen. A difficult task has become completely impossible and not the fun impossible of “oh, look I found infinity.”

Mother of Georgia overlooking a church
Mother of Georgia overlooking a church

Many, many mouths ago I emailed TLG telling them I would not be extending my contract. I would need to fly home between June 15-17 because I would be assisting a mission trip in Chicago. I did this probably three times all within each new deadline. Two months ago I specifically emailed Alex, the flight coordinator, to make sure he received my email since I hadn’t heard anything from them. He said they had. I thought great. I knew I wouldn’t get my ticket as early as I might like, but I would at least get it a week before I flew out.

Well, two weeks ago I called Alex again asking about tickets and when he thought they would be sending them out. He was very noncommittal and said in a couple days. I then get worried when last week I still don’t have anything after he tells me two days. I call a couple times that week and finally get him to tell me that it will be on the 16th. I don’t have anymore information. That at least, thankfully, gave me enough to plan on how to get to Tbilisi on time.

Tuesday night before leaving for Tbilisi, I check my email for a ticket. No ticket. I take the train (and yes I love foreign trains, too) on Wednesday morning. I get into to Tbilisi and take a taxi to the TLG office to hand in my phone and get my certificate before leaving on Thursday early morning. Only when I get to the office I find out that they are still waiting for my ticket. OK, I’ll admit panic sets in a bit. Alex gets my ticket in about an hour from when I arrive. The ticket says I’m leaving on Friday and on a different airline!! Ah this so was not in my back-up plan.

I spend the night in a wonderful hostel called Old Town Hostel . They literally have everything that a nice hotel will have all at a cheaper rate. (Wifi, showers, TV, clean rooms, a common room, great location) They have been great.
georgia16This morning I woke up obscenely early for Georgian time, 7 AM. I then proceeded to check out all the tourist hotspots before the sun gets hot and people are crowding the walkways. It was wonderful. I’m glad in many ways for the extra time. I didn’t get to explore the city much when I was here for training. It has costs me a bit more than I anticipated. I was supposed to be paid the day before leaving. However, even this morning I hadn’t been paid for the month of June. It’s a good thing I had some savings from each previous month to use for this extra day. I’ve done a lot of walking and free sites. Yet, food is more expensive in the city and I still have to get to the airport tomorrow.

Now, I’ve checked my ticket twice today online. The first time today I noticed that I’m back on Turkish Airline. They are who I flew in on and have better luggage requirements than LOT. It’s still on the 17th. However, I can’t check-in online. It looks like I’m on some sort of wait list for my first flight. I should just go with the flow, but I’m still a bit nervous about the whole thing.

I’ll be home, hopefully, late on the 17th. I  am missing family and friends and normal sandwiches and my animals. See you soon.

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