Druidcraft by Philip Carr-Gomm

Finding yourself in the middle of a grove can feel like spiritual home for Druids. Yet, some Druids long for the witchcraft that lingers in Wicca. Others wish to honor […]

Love Magic: How I met my Husband

I used a spell to fall in love with my now husband. My ideas around love and romance weren’t in the healthiest of places. Magic was a tool that helped […]

Magic in Druidry

We’re changing the world, those of us who are Druids, Witches, Magicians, Sorcerers. We practice magic to make changes all around us. The wonder and awe associated with a good […]

Cultivating Nwyfre

Nwyfre is a magical term used by Druid’s to describe the “life force” or energy we find in the world around us. It’s common to begin to explore this energy […]