It’s been a while since I’ve done a traditional blog post; I have much to tell you!

I’ve been trying to bring more into my life, more money, more opportunity, more spirituality, more balance, and more joy. I’ve been doing this in a few different ways. I’m pushing myself to go out more and spend time with the people who are teaching me new things this year. I have my roomies to thank for a lot of the opportunities I’ve gained over the last few months. They have been extremely supportive of my being more social. I’ve also been submitting my resume and going on interviews. No big job offers yet, but I’m optimistic.

I’m not taking real college classes right now, not really. They are just some simple courses at MATC (oops re-branded as Madsion College). My dedication has been much better than last semester. I think I can actually pull this off. More positive thinking.

This is also the point in the year where I can say I’ve successfully completed a third of my Year-And-A-Day. For those of you who don’t know, I’m currently exploring a pagan spiritual path. I’m reading a ton of books and trying to incorporate new rituals and meditations in my life. This is all in pursuit of finding ways to continue my spiritual growth. Many of my core beliefs haven’t changed. I still believe in one divine force in the universe who is, at its essence, made of love. New to this belief is just the way that this love manifests itself in our daily lives. I still believe that we can develop a relationship with this divine to the benefit of ourselves and the world in which we inhabit. I’m learning many new ways to do this.

The biggest change to my spirituality is that I just feel stronger. I’m not worried so much about making the “right” choice. I know that I’m capable of making that choice that is best for the circumstance I find myself in. I feel like I have a choice, not just doomed to be forever repenting. I feel like I have a closer relationship with the divine. All great new changes, I think.

Lots of new positive changes and I couldn’t be happier about the direction things are going!

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