Book Review: Crave the Night by Lara Adrian

I received a copy of this book through Early Reviewer Program. 

Reading Crave the Night was an enjoyable experience for me and a surprisingly good introduction to the Midnight Breed series. I had not previously read anything else by the author or in the series.

The novel starts out following a closed off and intense warrior in the Order named Nathan. You meet his love interest Jordana, a wealthy socialite, through her best friends’ fight with her twin brother at a showing at Jordana’s museum. They have inexplicable attraction to one another. It’s an obvious beginning.

At first this seemed like every other Paranormal Romance out there; it was especially similar to JR Ward’s work. But once you get into the mystery of Cassian, things really pick up. Cassian appears to be a no-good business man working in the seedier elements of the world. His club is known for having cage fights and BDSM rooms. Cassian’s secrets are intriguing and drew me into the world more. The balance between the mystery of Cassian and the heated interactions between Nathan and Jordana made the novel engaging. 

I think that those looking for an easy, fun summer read for a steamy night will be thoroughly happy with the choice to read Crave the Night. It’s not a novel that makes you think, nor is the romance particularly revolutionary. However, sometimes that is exactly what you want! 

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