Book Review: The Awen Along: Walking the Path of the Solitary Druid by Joanna van der Hoeven

The Awen Alone is a beautiful and exemplary tool-set for those looking to practice Druidry on their own or researching the path. As with most “beginner” books, this book covers many of the topics you’d expect to see. There is a bit about the history of Druids, the Eight-fold Year, Gods/Divinity, Ancestors, and how the Earth plays a part in the path. All of this information is well researched and written. A complete novice will find it to be quite comprehensive. There are even some tidbits or metaphors that could prove to be most useful to someone who has been walking Druidry for many years.

But really, this book shines in all the parts that go beyond giving out standard information. The author does a wonderful job opening doors to the many ways one might enrich their Druid path without ever pushing readers to do, think, or feel a particular way about something. I especially enjoyed the way ethics were addressed. Ethics did not have its own chapter or specific set of rules. Instead, there were delicious moments that helped to reinforce the tenants of Druidry that guide a person to live a truthful and honorable life.

I’ve come away from reading this book feeling a bit more inspired about my path and am eagerly going to put some of its ideas into practice!


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