Saturnine Thursday

Do you know that feeling where there is so much going on that you can’t seem figure out how to share anything? I’ve been meaning to get a blog post written for quite some time. I’ve also been meaning to finish editing about five youtube videos. All of that just keeps getting pushed to the wayside for the multitude of weekends away and evenings out.

As an extrovert I love meeting new people and going out and experiencing life with others. This month I’ve met a good portion of my boyfriend’s, Brad’s, family. I’ve taken him to meet my family and go to the farm. I even got him to help clean the barn. He got extra bonus points for being so willing to pitch in and help. Plus, he’s a natural with the livestock! We’ve both gone to events with each other’s friends. I’ve had the usual meetings out and about for the community garden. Our opening day is coming up soon, and I’m planning workshops for the season. I adore all this socializing. It’s been great fun to have so much to do and so many people to hang out with, especially Brad.

But today, today I’m feeling moody. I’m tired of talking to people and tired of my ever expanding to-do list. I want to just go home and spend a week holed up in my apartment being creative and reading. I want less external and more internal. I want to pretend I don’t have bills to pay and meetings to go to.  I want to chase that creative and vibrant feeling to where ever it takes me without any of the guilt or pressure to do or be somewhere else.

Ok, done with dour rant. I’m going to get some more tea, curl up with some filing, and go to yoga tonight. All should be well soon. All I have to do is avoid adding anything new to my to-do list.

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