Inhabit Review

Permaculture is a way of bringing together in a sensible system: ourselves and our communities, with whatever bit of land/space we are tending. It can be as small as a window with sprouts or as large as a farm or a bioregion. It can be in the city, the suburbs or in the country.

Permaculture addresses the way we live on this planet in a graceful and healthy way, respecting the plants and animals around us, and leaving the biosphere in a more productive and healthy state than we found it.

Grailville Workshop

The documentary “Inhabit” chronicles many of the most interesting permaculture sites in the US today. It features beautiful, romantic shots of thriving ecosystems and the passionate stories of practitioners and teachers.

I was lucky enough to support the kickstarter project for this movie. My DVD hasn’t arrived yet, and frankly the digital version did not come out when the creators initially thought. Yet, it was a gorgeous documentary that I’m thrilled I could help support its creation. I will note that the fact I couldn’t view the digital version on my linux PC was a huge vexation but I can still see why they went with the platform they did.

If you are new to permaculture, have an interest in your food and/or community, you really should watch this amazing film!

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