2016 Goals & Tools from 2015

Last year I used two different tools for setting goals and making changes in my life. I was thrilled that many of the changes I hoped for (more love, joy, creativity) came about in wonderful ways. I have no doubts that the work I put into setting the right intention at the beginning of the year helped me to create the wonderful experiences in my life in 2015.

I started with Leonie Dawson’s Shining Life Workbook, which is really just a colorful journal. I had heard a lot of folks on youtube rave about the process. I was eager to start and diligent with my own workbook. It was fun and valuable, but not earth shattering or monumental for me. I stuck with the goal check-in all year, though.

In the Spring, I read The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte. Holy Moly, was this exactly what I needed! It is all about delving deep into how you want to feel rather than what you think you have to achieve. My goals became more fluid and more rewarding. Decisions became easier.

Take for instance my trip to Cancun with my boyfriend’s family for New Years. Most years I would have said “No”. The trip was paid for, but I would have let my guilt and worry about this not being something I deserved because I hadn’t achieved my debt free goal or finished my capsule wardrobe or some other silly task to keep me from the experience of a lifetime with people I adore. My core feelings of Joyful and Bountiful told me to say “Yes”. Going on that trip would and did make me feel those things.

So, I’m sticking with the Desire Map and Core Desired Feelings for my goals in 2016. I’m going to let my goals empower me to do even more not hold me hostage to task list.

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