Equinox & Cleansing

For me, Mabon (Alban Elfed, Autumn Equinox, I’m not picky with my names for the festivals) is the perfect time for cleansing and clearing away.

I’m starting to see the end of all my canning, freezing, and preserving projects. The garden is starting to flow into it’s Winter edges of hardy greens, herbs, and brassicas. All the rest is being pulled and composted which is the best form of cleansing I know. I’m putting away the potatoes in the pantry area and counting the days down to the squash and pumpkins being ready to bring in. I’m storing the seeds that we saved throughout the season (OK well Brad does most of the saving of seeds and I do most of the labeling of said seed but it still counts lol). After the flurry of work that the Lammas festival brings, I can finally start to breathe and relax.

In that open space that the season brings I enjoy doing a deep clean of my apartment. I love knowing that before all the windows are locked for cozy evenings in the Winter, the apartment will shed its Summer dirt. I dust and mop those corners that have been neglected during the busy months spent outside in the Summer light. I par down on the nick-knacks that I haven’t put away and organize work areas so everything is easy to find once again. It’s also nice to go through and donate items that we no longer use before the gift season arrives.

This year I’m hoping to really work on cleaning and organizing my clothes. I’ve long been striving towards a capsule wardrobe. My sewing machine has come out again to help me create pieces that I really love and want to wear so that I can let go of the pieces that are just so-so. My reward for completing this process will be a set of wood hangers. Then my closet will match and my clothes can be hung with care. Maybe I can even convince Brad to let go of some of those T-shirts he hasn’t worn for years!

What are you cleansing and clearing away for the Autumn season?

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