It’s another GOTV post. . .

Vote. I know, I know, you are hearing that everywhere. You are probably tired of hearing about it. Still, I’m going to tell you again in case you haven’t made a plan yet.

Most states will allow you to register on the day of. You just might have to bring some proof of address with you. You can confirm how to register in your district here. DO IT!

In Wisconsin, we have early voting. I’d encourage anyone with the ability to go early to do so. The lines are shorter and you don’t have to worry about doing it on a weekday. For instance, in Madison we can vote at our local library anytime that the library is open. Yay Saturday voting! Discover when and where you can vote.

If that isn’t an option, go vote on November 8. Make it your most important task of the day. Why? Because I know that there is something you would like to see changed. You can’t make that change happen unless you participate in the process, even if the process sucks sometimes and you don’t like the candidates. You might be surprised to learn that you lovely neighbor is running for school board. You might discover that there is a referendum to get that bridge on the edge of town fixed. Frankly, your local issues and votes MATTER way more than national, noisy politics. That is where your vote is needed. If you’d like to see what’s going to be on your ballet, check out this website.

I am lucky enough to have the time to get more involved with the process than most. I’ve done some phone banking and canvassing. These outreach methods helped the campaign find other volunteers and register voters. I even did a training that allowed me to become a Special Registration Deputy which means I can register voters remotely. I feel so nifty! If you have time to volunteer and feel passionate enough about a candidate or issue sign up today. I’ve met some wonderful people and had a splendid time doing so. This year Brad came along with me. Canvassing days were like big bike rides together!

Some people don’t like sharing their political beliefs. Many people don’t like discussing politics in case it offends people. I don’t really fall into that line of thinking. Politics affect us every day. I want to be a part of the narrative and process that works towards making our communities stronger. (I’m also an ENTP and just LOVE to debate. . . ) So, in case your curious as to who I’m voting for, here is where I stand. I’m voting for Hillary because she is a badass who is good at being a politician and is going to fight for the progressive causes I believe in. I’m voting for Russ Feingold for senate because dear Goddess do we need to make the senate Democrat again. I’m voting “yes” to give my local school district more funding because I want my tax dollars to serve the greater good and schools are in need of more resources. If you had any doubt, I’m a flaming liberal and proud of it.

Regardless of whether you believe in the same things or methods that I do, you should vote and have YOUR voice heard. I want this election to have the biggest voter turn out the United States has ever seen. Wouldn’t that be cool?

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