Autumn Ends and Winter Begins

I’ve taken a break from posting and creating things online. The weeks have been busy as the harvest finishes and the people and activities in my life have needed more direct attention then usual. However, the time has come to fill you in with what has been on my mind. I hope this will help me get back into the flow of creating something weekly again.

The transition to Winter always takes me a little while to adjust. I find the time change at Daylight Savings (and the end of Daylight Savings) to be the most disruptive element of seasonal changes. My body and my sleep patterns respond to the changes in light easily. It does not respond quickly to our culture saying we are changing the clocks to be a hour different than yesterday! This year the time change seems to have happened later, making my adjustment even harder to come by. Now, this may seem to most as a silly thing that merits little attention, but it affects my attitude and days greatly.

This Autumn I’ve also been helping my parents with some farm issues. I can’t go into tons of details. I can say that the business partnership that they had the last few years has ended. The ending came about after many tense months and work with lawyers. While the situation could be much worse, they do need to find a new place to live and move all before December 31st. Brad and I have been helping whenever we can to clean the barn and get things ready for the move. Part of me feels like I should be out there every weekend, every spare moment to help. If I did that I wouldn’t have any time for the other groups I help with or time to sleep. It’s challenging to feel so conflicted about how much time I spend on the farm versus spending time on getting my own life in order so that one day Brad and I might have our own place.

Finally, the election hit me hard. I had been a supporter of Hillary since the primaries. I canvassed and did phone banking for her. I had such confidence that she would win. Having her lose and lose to someone who has been so terrible to most of our country is depressing. It’s taken some time for me to come out of that dark, post-election haze and focus on how I’m going to be more involved and vocal in 2017. Expect more politics from me next year for sure!

My Ovate studies continue. I’m near the end of the course with only 3-4 months left to finish. There was an interesting, unexpected twist in my last set of Gwersi. This was intriguing and also a bit infuriating to me. I think I’m going to see how the next few months proceed before considering if I should say more or not. Just know, that I continue to study and practice!

More book reviews, Druidry goodness, and other bits and bobs to come!

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