2017 Planner and Core Desired Feelings

Happy New Year! I know that most people do their new year post at the beginning of January. I was just too busy at that time dreaming up exactly how I wanted to curate a fantastic 2017 for myself to post all the details at that point. I think that it’s going to be a great year and here’s why:

Worthy – Rooted – Visionary – Lush- Joyful

Those are my core desired feelings for 2017. Danielle LaPorte has a fantastic book and set of resources based on the idea that goals should be created to support the way we want to feel. As someone who tends to be a “thinker” and stuck in the rational side of her brain, it can be challenging to stay in touch with my emotions. Core Desired Feelings have been a great way to help me stay balanced and focused on all the ways in which I can motivate myself to live the way I want to live accomplishing all the things I hope to. These words are front and center, every day, in my planner for 2017.

To stay organized and on top of everything this year I’m sticking with my paper planner, a Midori Traveler’s Notebook. You can watch my How-To video if you want to do a homemade version like mine. I adore the way the leather of my notebook has aged and how easy it is to change the inside of it. Much of my set-up has remained the same as last year. You can watch the video for more details.

The biggest changes have been the spread for my weekly planning and moving my budget focus to the front of my planner. I really think these changes will help me focus on the real things I want to do this year, like buy a farm and host a really awesome wedding. (Did I mention I’m getting married in February!? I’m going to do a post with more details on that in February so stay tuned) I’ve also added a Druidry focus on the back of my dashboard this year. It includes and Awen symbol and a month by month Tarot forecast I did on New Year’s Day.

How are you all staying organized in 2017? Any other planner addicts out there?


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