An Ovate’s Gift & Ushering in 2018

My Ovate studies through OBOD included a great many topics. Each topic provides a different path one could spend a lifetime searching for wisdom and bringing back gifts for your community and family. I’m looking forward to going back again and again to many of these topics. The path I found myself wandering the most often, though, as I was studying the Ovate Grade was the journey work involving the gates of time. Each visit to the meditations, the inner grove, and the different times brought me new insights and ingredients for my practice. It had a huge impact on me. So, when it came time to develop a “gift” I could share with my community (that means you!) I decided to share some of those insights and work on journeying through time. I think I did three or four different video formats until I found one that I felt stirred the conversation the way I hoped to and was of decent quality. Projects never end up being produced quite like I envision, but I’m pleased with the result of this one. I’d love to hear what ideas it stirs for you!

This past year also showed me that I have more exploring to do when it comes to my relationship with mystery and the “secrets” of the Druid path that I’ve chosen. The end of the Ovate course through OBOD had a surprise, a mystery, that was hard for me to understand or appreciate when I first encountered it. After some time working through my response I was able to find a deeper lesson that allowed me to experiment with my practice and mystery. It’s affected how much I’ve posted and shared this year here on this blog, social media, and youtube. In the video below I describe that process and what I hope to do in 2018.

What sort of insights did you gather in 2017 that you hope to use in your approach to 2018? Any big projects or goals this year?

Can’t wait to see more of you this year! : ) I’ll write soon, promise!

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