The Lost Queen by Signe Pike

Languoreth is a princess destined for the usual princess things, marriage and children. She longs to be a Wisdom Keeper of the Old Ways like her twin brother Lailoken instead. Her story unfurls in the pages of The Lost Queen by Signe Pike. In this thrilling Fantasy, readers will be enchanted by the magical world and political drama as Languroreth balances her duty with desires.

Languoreth is a strong female character that is easy to love. Readers will see her grow up in the novel and constantly face challenging decisions when it comes to doing her duty and what her heart wants. Of course, that means there is  a forbidden romance, but it’s a realistic one. Most of her challenging decisions come from acting rashly or waiting to see what the best political move should be. At times I found this character to be a bit whiny. She was facing some incredibly difficult decisions; I guess some whining is allowed!

I truly appreciated how the author reveals the intricacies of family life in this novel. Languoreth obviously loves her twin brother. She also is compelled to stand up for her warrior father, the family Wisdom Keeper, her foster brother, her lover, and her husband. It can be hard to balance where your time and loyalty belongs in a family like that with so many different ties. The author manages to make all the relationships seem authentic and unique. I think it’s what makes this such a good read.

Obviously, this is at its heart a prequel to the Merlin and King Arthur stories. Camelot lovers will enjoy it for sure!  It is a unique retelling that will be a joy to read for any Fantasy lover.

This book comes out on September 4, 2018. I was provided a free, advance reader copy by Absolutely Fiction Books in exchange for a honest review.

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