The Bardic Book of Becoming by Ivan McBeth

I happened to receive this book as a gift from a friend, Jay, signed by Philip Carr-Gomm. I’m so glad that the book was a delight to read; I’ll be happy to treasure this on my bookshelf for years to come.

The Bardic Book of Becoming is a refreshing book for those interested in Druidry or still learning about this Pagan path. Ivan brings his own flavor and techniques to the teaching and telling without distorting the threads of Druidry that unites folks around the globe. It’s a wonderful addition to anyone’s bookshelf!

Readers will be relived that this is one non-fiction with easy to digest chapters. It’s the perfect bedside table read (imagine the dreams you’ll have!). All the topics flow together from one chapter to the next but it’s easy to put down and pick up when you only have a short time to read every day, week, or month.

I particularly enjoyed that there were no “exercises” at the end of the chapter. While this is a useful tool, it can be overdone in these introductory books. Instead, the author weaves the activities and rituals into the chapter. There is a real dance to the author’s writing moving smoothly between story, ritual, information, and daring.

Unique to the authors exploration of the bardic grove is his focus on readers deciding to become spiritual warriors. This is not a call to be aggressive or rude but rather a call to be brave in our spiritual dealings. It was not an idea that I’ve heard in many other Druidry books and found that it was well described here, inspiring but not forceful. There are a few exercises and tools that are then that will be of interest to those who head the warrior’s call in this book.

The final section of the book is all about connecting to the elements. Each chapter includes a ritual and path to better connecting with the element. I mention this not because it’s a surprise that an introductory book on Druidry includes the elements, but because the Spirit (as the fifth element) ritual is one of the sweetest and magical rituals I’ve encountered in a book like this. Well worth the read if only for this ritual!

Druids, Celtic witches, and those exploring Paganism will enjoy this rich, easy to read book. You’ll finish reading feeling inspired and rooted in your practice!

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