The Druid Shaman by Danu Forest

For many the path of Druidry assists in living a more full and vibrant life through a strong connection to the Earth and the communities in which they live in. Druidry can also lead practitioners down strange and unexpected paths through work in the Otherworld and Shamanism. The Druid Shaman by Danu Forest attempts to guide readers both new and familiar with the connections between Druidry and Shamanism through guided journey work, lore, and heartfelt love of the subject.

Each chapter is easy to read and guides readers step by step through the tools one needs to use Shamanism in their Druid practices. The first chapter covers tools used for journey work and basic meditations. From there chapters cover the basics to more esoteric types of work one might encounter when blending these paths. There are numerous exercises and meditations to practice with. For what is either of these paths but ones of action and work?

Some parts really spoke to me. They fit nicely with the puzzle pieces that make up my practice already. Other areas covered in this book just seemed odd. They didn’t really work in either path for me. Generally, this short book was a good fit and would serve other Druids currently focused on journey work well. I love that it is, mostly, focused on topics not covered by Beginner books but focused on the Ovate or intermediate level.

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