10 Reasons To Join OBOD

I have gotten a LOT of questions on the posts talking about the Bard, Ovate, and Druid courses through OBOD. It seems I’m not the only one who’s struggled to decide whether it’s really the right place for me (ok I struggled before the Bard course and then jumped in after that). This is what I’ve learned through my years with the Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids so far. I hope it helps you as you find your place in Druidry, be it in an Order or not.

10. Community – The community online and in real life is phenomenal with OBOD. People are very welcoming and open. It feels like you can get involved right away and share your revelations and struggles without judgement.

9. Mentors – Having a dedicated mentor can be a real boon as you travel through the order’s coursework. This relationship is somewhat open to what the two of you decide is useful, but overall I’ve had very positive experiences. It’s helpful to speak with someone who has done this before. They can provide a mirror to your experiences and help you dive deeper.

8. Ice Breaker – It can be tricky to explain to someone what being a Druid is all about. There are moments in my life where I don’t have the energy to explain everything. Being able to point to the order and their resources means that I have a ready PR team who can help “teach” someone what Druidry is about. It can be an ice breaker to conversations with a friend or family about the particulars of my own personal path.

7. Seasonal Rituals – We can all write our own rituals. I have tweaked the rituals given to me through OBOD’s Bard Course. Still, I have great appreciation for the richness of those rituals and the ability to do them solitary or in a group.

6. Inspiration to go further – The order provides countless opportunities for its members to push themselves to learn more about Druidry and enhance their practices. There are online forums, books, the courses themselves, and even gatherings. Nothing in the order puts pressure on members to push into things they aren’t ready for, but new opportunities are ready at every corner.

5. Teachers – The teachers and leaders of OBOD never place themselves above the members of the order. Wisdom is shared openly, albeit cautiously at times, to those who have proven to be seekers ready for it. I so appreciate that the order has such giving teachers!

4. Structure – As organized and self motivating as I am, there are times when I need the structure of the coursework to keep me on track to accomplishing my spiritual goals. It’s nice to know that there are steps I can take to continue learning and developing my practice.

3. Deity Freedom – The order has no specific stance on deity. There are no set Gods and Goddesses. You can believe in the abrahamic God or no god. I love that you can bring your own relationship with Deity to the order and not feel alienated at any point.

2. Feminism – Yep, I said it, the F-word. The order is very welcoming and encouraging to all genders. There aren’t requirements that relate to gender at any point during the course. Of course there is magic that one can find in exploring their gender, but it’s never and exclusionary element of the order.

  1. Empowerment! – The Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids has assisted me in finding real empowerment in my practices. I know that there is validity to what I do. There are journeys I can take to go ever deeper in the spiral of wisdom offered by Druidry. This is a real gift!

5 thoughts on “10 Reasons To Join OBOD

  1. I worked my way through the Bardic grade but have never made it to Ovate yet; I think it just wasn’t the right thing at the right time for me then, but I would like to pick it up again in the future. I like OBOD’s inclusivity.


    1. OBOD is really nice for timing too. You CAN pick it up again and wait for when life makes it possible for you to work on the course in a new way. Ovate will be waiting whenever/if ever you decide it’s where your Druidry is going next!

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  2. After a long time of getting my life ‘right’ for study (illness), I’m now part way through the Bard Grade and love it! All those things you say are so true. My mentor is fantastic, as is the local Grove I’ve joined (Melbourne, Australia)
    I thought when people say they’ve “come home”, it was a bit of a cliche…but it’s true for me too.
    Thanks for your great Blog Danni


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