Weave the Liminal: Living Modern Traditional Witchcraft by Laura Tempest Zakroff

Remember that you are not alone. You are following in the footsteps of countless generations of liminal weavers, and you are surrounded by spirit in so many ways. Breathe, close your eyes, find the quietude of the darkness. Soon the light of the star will become visible like the rising sun, the fabric will be illuminated again, and you will find your place. – Laura Tempest Zakroff

As I continue to explore shifting my focus, expanding my practice, I read the delightful book Weave the Liminal by Laura Zakroff. I’ve always found liminal spaces to be wonderful gateways to magic and the otherworld. I was curious to read what someone who called their path “Modern Traditional Witchcraft” might have to say about liminal work.

Before we dive into the meat of the book, I do want to praise the artwork on the cover and for each chapter. It really managed to capture the essence of the book and added a real magical flair to the pages!

This book is intended for any witchcraft practitioner who is looking to forge their own path. New practitioners will find a lot of wonderful advice and inspiration that will save readers countless hours trying to figure out on their own.  Questions about working with Deity, labels, and the history of witchcraft are presented in easy to digest segments. A newbie book that finally reflects what magic and witchcraft looks like in today’s world. I’ve not yet read a book that so clearly empowers readers to do their own thing while still subtly providing the foundation and answers that newbies desire.

The author writes with expertise and good humor. I felt like I was talking to an older sister who “got it” but also knew a few things more than I do. While I don’t consider myself to be a beginner at this point, I can see this tone being incredibly helpful for a beginner in paganism or witchcraft.

What I loved reading about was the author’s take on Deity and the practicalities of being a witch in today’s world. Readers really get to dive into the fascinating world of liminal work in the Deity chapter. The conversation around how one might differentiate between spirits, gods, ghosts, ect. was enlightening. The tidbits concerning navigating our modern world as a witch or pagan was just what our community needed. The author finds avenues for the traditional roles of healer, priestess, seer to be integrated in our mundane lives in 2019. These chapters are exactly what I look for when reading a book that isn’t directly related to my own path as a Druid. Informative, inspiring, and providing just enough of shift that I can look at my own path with fresh eyes.

Readers who are new to witchcraft or paganism, this is a MUST READ! Those who are looking to really shape and make their paths their own will also delight in this wonderful look at modern traditional witchcraft.

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