Planting a Druid’s Grove

One of the most wonderful things to happen on the farm this Summer is the planting of my sacred grove. I have long dreamed of planting a grove to cultivate as an outdoor sacred space. This space isn’t complete by any means, but I couldn’t wait to share the space with you!

It took me months to figure out where the land would be ok with me planting a grove. There is a lot of restore and bring to life on this farm. I wanted a natural place that was full of wonder and connection that the land also would enjoy. The options for magical places were vast, but there were also practical concerns to be mindful off. It needed to be a place where I could easily get to it without having to disturb grazing animals or see a million garden projects to be done.

To find the perfect spot I meditated in my inner grove in different seasons at each potential spot. I left offerings to the land spirits. Finally, a relationship developed between me and the land. The perfect spot opened up and the land confirmed by sending out a vast array of wildflowers.

In each cardinal direction I planted a different Oak tree. In the north I planted the prairie king, The Burr Oak. In the west I planted the water White Swamp Oak. In the south I planted a blazing, fast growing Red Oak. In the east I planted stumpy, unique Heritage Oak. In the center I have a plan for a fountain and firepit. Between the trees will be large boulders, but that is an expense I don’t quite have saved for.

Each morning I come out and greet the trees. It’s become a treasured part of my morning practice and the perfect vantage point for scoping out the going-ons of the whole farm. I’ve also come out for special rituals and magic workings. Each time that I do the magic grows stronger and the land spirits draw closer.

I always stress that there are many easy ways to connect to nature even when you don’t own land or have access to wide-open green spaces. I don’t want to loose sight of that, but this process has been otherworldly for me. To move from the city to this farm has been incredible. Planting a grove of magical Oaks and working with the land to find the right spot has been like completing a masters degree in land magic. I am so lucky to have the space and opportunity to make this grove come to life.

I can’t wait to see what the land and I create as together as the grove grows older!

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