My Book of Awen

A common pursuit of those who follow a Pagan path or practice Witchcraft is to create a magical book. That might mean a Book of Shadows, a Grimoire, or some combination of those. I chose to make a Book of Awen to not only document the important procedures, information, spells, and seasonal celebrations but to also have a source of inspiration. My Book of Awen includes quotes and music that feel important to the essence that makes up the Druidry I practice. Below is a video update of what my book looks like now, over three years since it began.


I originally did a custom, handmade binding for my book. It was pretty amazing. However, it was also my first full book binding project. Since my practice involves going outside a lot, travel and regular use of my Book of Awen, the binding did not hold up to its many adventures. After repair project and repair project I finally broke down and took it to Grimm Bindery to have it professionally bound. Now it can survive its many adventures and will last the rest of my life if not longer.


My book is roughly organized. It starts with seasonal celebrations, moves into life rituals, basic information and spells, and has a section in the back for specific permaculture and plant work. Along the way, pages with quotes or celtic knotwork fill the gaps with creativity. I don’t worry if things are “out of place”. It’s my book; I can find almost anything I’m looking for with a simple flip through. I might add a table of contents further down the road. We’ll see if it’s really needed.


I use the same pens throughout the entire book. The pens and colored pencils used in this book have been blessed and are only used for this project. I also use the same font on every page. It brings a deep focus to the process of creating a page and looks wonderful when you flip through the whole book. I like consistency so my practice and book reflect that. My drawings and artwork will never be that of someone truly gifted with that talent. They do however bring me delight and add a flair of playfulness to the pages.

Future Work

I work at my book when the Awen if flowing. I always do so in a sacred space, usually the one I have in my house. I don’t foresee this process changing much. I have a million ideas on what I’d like to fill the pages with next. There is still plenty of room for me to add the parts of my practice yet to evolve. I don’t stress to much about when or even if the book will ever be finished. It’s a part of my practice to work on the book, to use it, and to let the inspiration spark new avenues in my Druidry.

One thought on “My Book of Awen

  1. Hi Danni! I just applied to be a member of OBOD and I can’t wait to begin de Bardic Course! I was an ADF druid since 2013, but I wanted something specifically Celtic and more personnal. I’m surprised to see that all your videos are sadly gone from YouTube… hopefully everything is fine on your side. I miss your reviews and your updates but I respect and understand that you might want to spend more time away from the social networks! I’m sending you positive vibes! – Patrick

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