Inviting the Gods in

On a cold, snowy evening I sat in the sacred grove on our small farm watching the sun set over the hills of the Driftless. Huddled deep in my robe and winter coat I listened to the Winter Winds whistle through the dried grasses and forbes of our tiny prairie. It could have been even colder and even darker, I didn’t care. I had a need that only ritual would soothe.

For the first time ever, I started a ritual to speak to the Goddess Brigid. I mean I had done the motions before but my idea of Divinity didn’t really align with the polytheist point of view at the time. Things had started to shift for me; messages were getting hard to ignore. So, I set my previous ideas aside, opened wide, and made a plea. Brigid answered and sat with me until the moon rose. Our relationship began in a way that demand my worldview shift.

It took a moment for me to really settle into this new idea of the Gods being so personified. I haven’t left my animism behind, but now Divinity has gotten a little more complex for me and the demands of relationship a little more concrete. When I did begin to follow through on my part of the bargain with Brigid, She came through with a gift (with a twist that I’m sure is do to my procrastination). A gift of pregnancy that we’d find out at 20 weeks was actually a set of twins! A true example of be careful what you wish for.

Throughout the pregnancy and now the boys’ first year, my relationship with Brigid has grown. I’ve been quiet about the last couple years online about this change to my practice and personal life. I wanted time to really be present with it all. The noise and clutter of the online world can be exciting but also easy to become distracted from what is really of value. I’m not sure that I’ll ever share all the details of what Brigid is coming to mean to me, but as Imbolc approaches, a public declaration seemed a fitting tribute to Her gifts and presence in my life now.

2 thoughts on “Inviting the Gods in

  1. It is so good to see you are well and that your unexplained disappearance was due to such joyous news Danni! Congratulations!

    Brigid has been such a strong influence in my life over the past decade, and our relationship continues to deepen. I had a very powerful journeying experience with the Goddess/Saint before the birth of my second child, she informed me of the gender of my unborn child (we didn’t know) and she gifted me with knowledge of his name. I follow her prompts and most recently she has called me back into alignment with her and my Brigadine devotion. I would love to chat more about this if you are ever called to it :).

    Love & Blessings to you and your family,
    Amy (tassiebandrui)


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