Oh, If Only I had a Calendar!

I’m going to share a quick funny story that happened today. I must first though explain that Thursday we did not have school because it was St. Andrew’s Day. On Friday, I also did not have school due to my changed schedule resulting from not working with one teacher anymore. This means that I had a four day weekend.

Now, on to the story.
I woke up late this morning, feeling kinda lazy. It wasn’t a big deal since I don’t have classes on Monday until 12:20pm. I proceed to take a shower and get dressed. Than I go downstairs and quickly eat lunch before heading off to school. I walk almost all the way to school before I spot a 7th grader who is walking about in street clothes not his uniform when he should be in class. I think that maybe he’s skipping for some other event. I don’t stop him or talk to him. At the corner street of the school I see a 6th grader helping this elderly woman with some bags. He also should be in class or at least his uniform. He is not. I get to school and realize as I walk through the doors that it’s a bit quiet. I go to my first classroom and realize that it is empty. I’m very confused at this point.
I text my co-teacher and receive no response. I text a fellow volunteer, Shannon, and receive no response. I decide to walk home and see if I can’t get a hold of my co-teacher before the lesson for 4th grade are supposed to begin. Maybe the first set of lessons were shortened again? As I’m walking through the market I spot my co-teacher. I ask her if classes have been canceled. She looks a little confused and replied that of course there wasn’t class today.

And then it dawned on me. . . Today is Sunday.

That’s right folks I went to school on a Sunday for no other reason than I am obviously not intelligent enough to look at a calendar. I guess this just shows how excited I am to be teaching. I just want to teach everyday. lol

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