New City, New Perspectives

I have recently moved into an apartment in Madison, WI. I live very close to campus and all the people and noise that that entails. It’s nice to once again be around people. It’s nice not having to plan two weeks in advance to do an errand run. I think I’m glad to be here, but that could change in a couple weeks when school starts up.

I won’t be starting school this semester. I’m going to wait until the Spring semester to transfer. Hopefully, this gives me time to work and save up some money.  I’m working at the State Law Library part-time. It’s a nice library. I’ll get to boost my resume with some new programs and special skills. Training this week is just proving to be a little slow. I’ve done many of the tasks already. If the training was more structured, I could be done in two days. At this rate I won’t be done until the end of the week. I’m also hoping that the UW Bookstore will hire me. I had an interview which went well. Now I just get to wait to hear back from them. Keep your fingers crossed for me. Work should keep me busy this semester, even if I have to do some more searching for a second position. (I have an application for a full time library position at a Madison Public library. However, I’m not super confident I’ll get a call for an interview on that one. I think they’re looking for someone older. Silly stereotypes getting in my way!)

But what am I to do when I’m not working? I’m on a very, very tight budget. That cuts out going out and meeting people in bars and such. I’m not in classes or even a student, so those welcome week events aren’t open to me. I am living with a nursing student, Sarah. She seems really nice, but she’s at home this week. I’m not sure if we’ll have a close relationship since we haven’t spent much time together, yet. I could look up some of the people from Rio who are attending Madison. I just think it would be weird if I’m like “Hey, we haven’t talked for six years or so. Want to hang out?” I wasn’t super close friends with the people in my class from East Troy who came here, either. I’ll just have to do some brain storming I suppose. Who knows, maybe I’ll meet people when I go to give plasma tomorrow.

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