And I Continue

I have been told repeatedly during the last couple weeks of festivities that my blog was enjoyed by many friends and family members (yet only I have seven followers? What does this say about my readership, eh? lol). So, rather than let this place kind of subside, I shall do my utmost to lead a somewhat engaging life and document it.That might sound like a fairly easy thing to do to you, but I’m afraid I currently am somewhat lacking when it comes to social/exciting/adventurous activities.
Most days I go to work for three hours at the State Law Library. Then I have an hour to eat lunch and walk to my second job at the University Bookstore. I get home around 7:30 and work most weekends. This is great when it comes to paying bills but not so great for finding adventures. I shall strive to do more!

My library job is a great opportunity for me to network in a field I hope to soon go into. It also allows me to add more experience to my resume and find those specific areas in the field where I hope to specialize. I can safely say law librarianship is not my specialty. It’s interesting that the material updates so frequently. They use a great deal of online resources to enable quick access for the judges, lawyers, legal aids, and members of the public to the changing opinions and judgments However, the information itself is either very dull or of the I-don’t-really-want-to-torture-myself-reading-about-the-evils-mankind-is-capable-of type. Not my cup of tea. Still, the skills I’m learning will be useful and easily transferable to other jobs.

I’m sure everyone reading this has been to a library of some type before. If you haven’t, I STRONGLY suggest you get up and go to your nearest public library. Motivation to explore your library does not have to come from homework; actually, it’s better if it’s just for the fun of it. Anyway, on to my point. . . Libraries are organized. That’s kinda the point of having libraries, organizing information. This way people can find information and use it. One way of organizing information, specially books, is to put a call number (set of numbers and letters following a certain system like Dewey or Library of Congress) on the side of the books. It’s a simple concept, A comes before B which comes before C, ect. .

Now, my current library does the same thing. Usually, in our system, in a series of books each new edition of the book gets a new subsection to organize it by. For example old books KF 300 R43 v.1 -10 verses new books KF 300 R45 v.1-10 (kinda more complicated, but well use this as a simple example). The old books are then shelved before the new books. This library has the same call numbers, but THEN SHELVES THEM OUT OF ORDER!!!!! It drives me crazy! Why write out call numbers at all if you are just going to shelve them willy nilly. So, they want the books in order according to the series, fine, no problem. Then the call numbers should stop at KF 300 R4 v. 1-10

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