Craigslist: Torture for Grammar Nazis

I am currently searching for an apartment for next year. Since my social life has been next to zero this year, I have resorted to using Craigslist. The roommate and apartment I’m living with right now is working out exceptionally well. While I discovered her on craigslist as well, it appears that such magic cannot easily be reproduced.

I’m a clean person; some people would say I’m obsessively clean. I assure you I’ve gotten much better and have lowered my standards. Community spaces are fair game for the occasional mess or such. I don’t demand dishes to be washed immediately. See? I’m reasonable. It turns out, however, the rest of the world likes to leave crap laying out 24/7 and doesn’t have a problem with guests seeing dirty counters and clothes laying out.

I also believe that living with intelligent people is a good idea. If you cannot post an ad on Craigslist that is coherent and void of grammatical errors, you are not a person I want to live with. For instance, this is a direct quote from an ad I read today.

     “Don’t want to leave so manybe room share with female. some furnishings included loveseat and dishes but make it your own. needs a womans touch possible companionship. no cable but can add in but hi speed internet. serious inquiries only. late 40’s male. send pic and brief bio.”
Besides the obvious creepy factor of the ad, the grammar is terrible. No one is perfect and the internet does allow for more leeway in many situations like chat and facebook, but this is too much.
Once you find a decent ad and establish a line of communication, a meeting or showing usually happens. I hate these. It’s like a first date except weirder. Dating is awkward enough. I really don’t understand the rules and usually say strange things that prolly shouldn’t be said. Well, I do the same thing when meeting potential roommates. I also have this list of questions running through my head that should help me figure out if this is where I really want to live. One or two questions usually get lost in the conversation. It makes me so frustrated because I can’t easily go back and ask those later without sounding crazy.
While I’ll keep responding to ads and searching, I’ll be glad when this process is over!

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