Paying for your Luxuries

Ah, roommates, how I loath you sometimes! To be fair it’s only one that is really causing any distress right now. She lives on the very top floor of the house which does get hotter than the rest of the house. However, she wants to run the air conditioner when she is home, especially at night. I want her to be comfortable, I do. You just can’t expect me to pay extra this month on the MGE bill because you were an idiot and didn’t open your windows or turn on a fan while you were out. Besides, it’s not even hot outside yet. It’s been 84-87 degrees at most. That is nothing!! Maybe when it’s really Summer and we have 90 degree weather all week we can run the AC this much. Not now. We are all young, healthy people in our 20s. There are no health considerations to be worried about. We live in a very safe neighborhood. No sir, I’m going to be a bitch about this one. I’m not paying a dime more for your luxuries. Frak  you and your inability to sweat a little.

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