Book Review: Limits to Growth The 30-Year Update by Meadows, Randers and Meadows

This is a marvelous book that everyone should read!

Limits to Growth: the 30 Year Update takes a comprehensive look at the original study done by the authors in 1972 and has updated the models to reflect the changes that have occurred since then. Even someone with only a basic high school education will be able to enjoy and understand the topics presented in the work. The authors carefully describe what factors influenced the World3 model. They also take time to explain in depth what the model can and cannot do. The book features wonderful graphs and simple explanations. I’ve learned so much more about modelling and how much actions play a role in the health of the global society and planet.

Reading this book frustrated me. I can’t believe that people knew about the unsustainable nature of our society and choices in the 70s and did nothing more to fix it! There is a potent comparison of making sustainable choices today, 20 years prior, and 20 years in the future. It’s amazing the difference 20 years makes. It really inspired me to make more changes today, not wait until I have the money, the time, the whatever that I use as an excuse. I may not have the luxuries that I would have if the world had started working on finding sustainable solutions large scale 20 years ago. Yet, I do have the information to know that the things I do, purchase, and vote for will dramatically affect the kids being born today.

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