Perceiving Beauty

“The Beauty of the Earth is a constant play of light and dark, visible and invisible. We perceive and participate in that beauty through the interplay of senses and spirit. Our senses are lanterns that illuminate the world. Beauty is never simply in the mind alone. Beauty awakens for us through what we hear, touch, taste, scent, and see.” – John O’Donohue Beauty: The Invisible Embrace 

Tonight’s walk along the lake to watch the sunset under one of my favorite Willow trees had me thinking about this passage. The lake reflected the amber and rose colors of the sky making the whole lake appear to be a swirling dance of color and light. But the moment was more than just the beautiful colors and warm light. It was the rich smell of the woods around me. It was the sounds of traffic finally giving way to the water lapping at the rocks I sat on. It was the perfect temperature and slight breeze reminding me that Summer was coming to an end soon. And most importantly it was finally giving myself the opportunity to just sit and be with myself, my thoughts, and my spirit. Moments so peaceful and blissful are the magic combination of senses and soul.

While my Pagan path includes ritual and celebrating the Wheel of the Year, it’s these perfect, beautiful moments that are my true worship. I can meditate every day and work to be a more loving and truthful person. But all actions seem minuscule to the bliss found in a beautiful, natural moment. It’s when my senses open and my spirit is released that I feel like I truly connect to Divinity.  I think that’s where real beauty can be found. Moments filled with the natural world and no obligations forcing us to pass it by.

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