Gathering our Harvests

Autumn has been here for a few weeks now. The sun sets earlier and earlier each day, and I find it harder and harder to get up in the morning without the bright greeting of the sunshine grazing my windows. It reminds me how limited my time is.

There are so many projects to start and so many more to complete. Autumn reminds me that all the garden produce that I love to produce in the warm months needs to be frozen, caned, and dried for the Winter. This year I’ve managed to put away a bit more than last year. I’ve also created some barter relationships with co-workers and friends which has payed off in spades of diverse goodies this year. For example, a co-worker had lots of apples this year. I bought 1/2 bushel for $6.00 and bartered for another 1/2 bushel of the “small” ones with some cider from the apples and honey from my parents’ farm. That’s a pretty good deal made possible from the endless conversations about gardening and canning all year long! I find social capital like this to be much easier for me to build than financial capital. This time of year, especially, shows the value of establishing that social capital.

I’m also trying to fit in more spiritual studies. I have hundreds of books I’m trying to read right now. The turning of the leaves and the brisk mornings remind me that there is more than the words and ideas found in books, There is the breathing, growing, living world that oozes divinity at every moment waiting to be experienced. I need to make more time to go on walks or enjoy the season even when I’m in the city.

I hope everyone’s Autumn is going well. I hope you are finding the inspiration to finish your own projects and are joyfully preparing for the coming Winter as I am! Much love!


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