Pagan Perspective Community

Community is important for everyone. We are, of course, social animals that instinctually enjoy having others around us, at least those we care about. Community helps us to feel like we belong and are supported. A spiritual path also benefits from having a community.

I find the online Pagan Community to be a unique beast. It is filled with fiercely independent folks who are almost always willing to lend a loving or challenging hand out to those who request it. I love reading other Pagan blogs or watching Pagan youtubers. It has been a useful way for me to keep pushing my spiritual growth and to meet people who I might not otherwise have the opportunity to meet. One of my favorite youtube channels for many years has been Pagan Perspective. Each week the hosts, one for each day, answer a viewer submitted question. They cover a range of questions from simple to complex. Sometimes the hosts all seem to agree with each other for the most part. Other weeks the responses seem to be all over the place. It’s always an engaging channel.

This year I had the opportunity to audition for a Substitute Host position and was luckily accepted. I’m so excited to get to engage with the Pagan Community in a new, deeper way!  I wanted to share a few of the videos I’ve done for them so far.

One thought on “Pagan Perspective Community

  1. Congrats on being a sub host. I love the pagan perspective too. I’m often inspired by the topics they discuss and find myself exploring opinions I didn’t know I had.


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