What is Druidry?

Over on my youtube channel I have received some questions about how to explain what Druidry is. I couldn't quite believe I missed making such a basic video! It was difficult to create a short video. Turns out, I have a lot of ideas on how to explain Druidry! This, by no means, is the [...]

Ovate Journey Begins!

Ovate Journey Begins!

Spring is finally here. The community gardens I work in are just about to open, meaning my work as a leader there will get a little more regular and less intense. My 8-5 "regular" job of working in a library will also begin to smooth out now that we have finished with yearly reviews, budget [...]

Pagan Perspective Community

Community is important for everyone. We are, of course, social animals that instinctually enjoy having others around us, at least those we care about. Community helps us to feel like we belong and are supported. A spiritual path also benefits from having a community. I find the online Pagan Community to be a unique beast. [...]