Book Review: Sacred Sex and Magick Web PATH Center

I’m so pleased to have another book review for everyone! This book is one that you are going to really like. Come on, look at the title, Sacred Sex and Magick. Who doesn’t read that and want to know more about how to use the raw energy and power of sex to create juicy new realities and healing through magic?

This small, only in size, book packs a hella lot of information into it’s covers. Amazingly the title includes enough information geared towards beginners to not feel overwhelming and details better suited to those who feel more advanced in their magical workings and/or use of sexuality in magic.

Since the book is written by a collection of diverse individuals (all given a little bio paragraph at the beginning) the title is approachable from many different individual lenses of experience. Sometimes books written by multiple people can feel choppy or abrupt. Sacred Sex and Magick does not suffer from these problems. A unified voice is evident throughout the whole title. I also appreciated how the different authors also came together to use more inclusive language. Relationships were described in different ways regarding gender, sexual orientation,  and quantity of partners. The solo practitioner wasn’t excluded nor was the transgender practitioner. As a heterosexual, cis-female I am likely not as aware of the problems surrounding exclusive language, but I did notice that a big effort was made at being welcoming to everyone.

Many topics are covered in the book including: how to work with partners both magically included and not, healing magic, ritual work, ethics, and more. Highlighting these topics were lovely personal stories from the authors. It made the material more “teachable” and less preachy. There was room left for the reader to do and experience what they needed to experience, and it was still firm enough to prevent readers from doing great harm to themselves or others.

I highly recommend this book if you are thinking about working with sacred sex. It will be well worth the read!

*I did receive a free .pdf copy of the book in exchange for a totally honest review. All thoughts are my own!

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