Summer Storms

I got caught in a downpour on my way home from work last night. It wasn’t a simple, light rain or even a stormy day where thunderstorms were to be expected. Rather it was a sudden onslaught of big splashy raindrops filtered through the still shining, warm sunlight. I raced my bike through the sheets of rain as fast as I could avoiding traffic to the best of my ability during rush hour. I was easily soaked through before even getting half way home, and I laughed at all the commuters who waited under the park shelter.

For all those dry and patience commuters missed the best bike ride of the season. They missed the pounding of rain. They missed the chance to match speed with speed of the storm. They missed feeling alive and deeply connected to the changing whims of Mother Nature. They missed getting to their location and drying off feeling their day newly baptized by the spontaneous storm.

Which is fine. I’m sure they all had perfectly reasonable reasons for choosing the rational choice to stay nice and dry or observe the storm from a distance. I’m just glad that I got the opportunity to be apart of such a beautiful and powerful part of Nature.

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