The Mindset of a Gardener

January and February are exciting months not just because I adore the snow and all the wonders of Winter, but because it is seed catalog time. These are the months I get to dream and desire all the most bountiful things for my garden. Nothing is limiting my ideas for the garden. I’ll have more space this year! I’ll order more seeds! I’ll start more plants, earlier! I’ll have no insects! I’ll do all my weeding right away! See what I mean, no limits. This is the mindset that I try to cultivate in my whole life. That is something that can be quite difficult.

It’s so easy to get bogged down in the details of a project or dullness of daily routine. We can be our own biggest critics before anything even gets started. Change can seem impossible or the obstacles to large. Thinking like this limits our creative ability to dream and imagine the best possible outcomes. We become frozen and incapable of innovation because fear holds us back. We pass on opportunities because we don’t believe in our own talents. Our inner Critic gets too much air time and we ignore those around us supporting our dreams. It is up to us to change the tone in which we approach our dreams.

In the coming months I’ll be picking out old time favorite seeds for my garden to plant again. I always plant tomatoes, borage, chives, and green beans. Who doesn’t love fresh green beans and borage flowers are so pretty (and tasty) around July 4th! I’ll also pick out new plants to try. Maybe there will be a new type of cucumber or a hybrid spinach in my garden this year. Old seeds will be composted or given away. In the rest of my life I’ll continue to do the things that bring me joy: yoga, youtube, spending time with family and friends, and, of course, gardening. This year I’ll weed out the things that don’t light me up: stressing out about money, my old bike that always costs more than it’s worth to repair, maybe even work that isn’t as close to my passions as it could be. I want to cultivate only the best in my limitless life and compost all the rest.

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