Spring is on its Way?

Blessed Imbolc! For many this is the first of three Spring holidays on the Pagan Wheel of the Year. It celebrates the earliest signs that Spring is coming. We are beginning to notice that there is more daylight. Many farm mammals are giving birth. Our family farm often see our first lambs and goat kids on Imbolc. Milk and dairy products are celebrated. We also shift to meals using early vegetables like leeks and early greens. It’s a beautiful season and a welcome one.

However, I ADORE the Winter. I can’t help but resent a little everyone’s rush to move from Winter into Spring. Winter is the time of deep snows, fireplaces, and silent woods. There are awesome outdoor activities like snowshoeing, ice skating, or skiing. February is often the deepest part of Winter. Even this year, an El Nino year, we are getting a huge snow storm across Wisconsin today. I love living in a place where we get months of snow and cold.

So, this year I’m claiming the beauty, grace, and peace of Imbolc for the glory of Winter. I will not be looking for Spring to arrive but reveling in the snow of the day. I’ll light my candles not for the coming of the light but in honor of the long nights we still have.

I hope that those of you celebrating today (or yesterday) have a wonderful holiday! When does Spring come for you?

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