Trendy Self Care Habits

Self Care is a trendy topic these days. We surround ourselves every day with endless to-do lists, project demands at work, family obligations, and personal improvement goals. All these wonderful things that add richness to our days can also make for noisy minds and restless souls. Self Care is supposed to help us tame these feelings and bring us back to our centers feeling refreshed and renewed.

Of course, every person being unique and facing different challenges self care for me will look nothing like it does for you. That’s the beauty. It’s a set of ideas and methods that make us more whole and more us without guilt or obligation.

But the trend of Self Care makes me wonder if I’m doing Self Care right. When I make choices in the best interest of my self care, there is a nagging sense of doubt. Am I just being lazy? Should this look more like what I read about on that blog or on that style website? Why does one method work one week and not the next? How do I trust the voice I’ve learned to listen to that tells me what I actually need? I know that doubt and guilt follow most as they learn how to really put themselves first. I just think that the vast amount of information available on how-to and what self care looks like can leave one feeling like they are drowning in the ocean rather than floating on waves of support.

Does anyone else struggle to decipher where their self care begins and where the trend starts?

Tonight I chose to avoid socializing and instead go home to take a long shower and read a book. I journaled about a very long day at work at the end of two weeks of long days and tried to sooth my headache away. I had planned on going to yoga and then hang out with friends. Both things usually make me feel great and are events I look forward to. Still, I think  I made the right choice. Tomorrow is another day and another chance to find the necessary balance in life.

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