New Sacred Space Tour

Changing your physical space is a beautiful, easy way to change your perspective. To bring in more Awen and new energy to manifest the very best in my life I spent a whole weekend with Brad changing our front room, or our Solarium. This is the room where we keep our house plants. I also use it for my daily practice, yoga, and has my altar. I wanted a space that was bright and bold. A space that would hold all my books and tools needed for my Druid practice. A space that would be welcoming and calming for anyone who was sitting and chatting with me. There are lots of good changes coming in the months ahead, I feel. A new space is the perfect way to honor that shift as it cycles in.

This room also needed some changes to make it work throughout the year. It’s really a three season room. By adding a carpet, a tapestry, insulated curtains, and painted insulated board around the edge of the room. I won’t know until January whether these changes really made a difference or not, but I’m hopeful!

I hope you enjoy this video where I walk you through the changes to my sacred space. My altar is still fairly simple, but the whole room adds a lot of spiritual energy to my practice.

What does your sacred space feature?

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