Book Review: The Handbook of Urban Druidry by Brendan Howlin

*Sigh* I don’t want to write a review for this book. I want to be encouraging to new Druid authors. I want more material and resources for Druidry out there. I cannot be encouraging about this Druid book.
First, the grammar and spelling errors were frequent and distracting. The author spoke mostly in run on sentences with terrible punctuation. Perhaps the ebook version is worse than the hard copy, but I can’t imagine the level of errors not bothering a reader.
Second, the writing has a causal, friendly tone. This can be a huge asset when approaching topics for new comers. I think I’d enjoy talking to this author over a cup of tea in person. The author’s tone was too relaxed for me to take some of the statements seriously in a book format, though. I also felt like I was missing part of the conversation. At times the topic would just start and stop as if you’d walked in on two friends conversing not started a new paragraph.
Third, the most infuriating part of this book was there was ABSOLUTELY NOTHING that distinguished it as being about urban practices. This was just a short introduction on Druidry. There was nothing about how living or working in an urban space could change the way you approach a nature and experience based practice. There were no suggestions on how to connect to the environment when living in an urban place. I understand that the author lives in an urban space. He enjoys watching clouds to connect to nature. I just wanted more from a book called The Handbook of URBAN Druidry on the matter of urban practices.
I hope the author continues writing. This book could have been a great series on a blog. It’s just a terrible book and needs more meat, more mystery, more depth, and certainly more urban ideas.

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