Earthship Tour and Travels

For Brad’s birthday, I gifted him two nights at an airbnb Earthship. He has aspirations to build his own Earthship someday. We’ve spent many hours chatting about building our own eco-friendly, energy producing house. We came together with different ideas about how to do that, but he’s convinced me of the awesomeness of Earthships. For someone who is so inspired by the technology of Earthships, I was surprised to learn that he had never stayed in an actual Earthship.

Just after the 4th of July we packed into the car for a two day road trip to Taos, New Mexico. A convenient stop in Omaha allowed me to show Brad my college and introduce him to a few friends who are still living near by to Creighton. Then after hours upon hours of driving we finally  made our way to Taos and the Earthship village. We were excited and exhausted at the same time. The first night we got to watch the sunset and see all the glorious stars come out right through the glorious south facing windows of the Earthship studio.

The Earthship was a small example of what a home like this could provide. There was “natural” AC from the vents in the berm. The water is filtered through the gray water plants in the Hallway. The morning sun falls into the windows just right. The kitchen was large and welcoming. It was easy to imagine living in such a grounded, lovely space. I don’t think the video does the space justice. You don’t get the real sense of calm and ease that waking up in a cozy, cool earth home provides.

We also toured the visitor center and saw another example of what an established Earthship feels like. Taos provided great food and touristy spots to check out. We went to some Hot Springs (a little over rated, but fun). We walked around the Pueblo and bought open pollinated seeds. There were crystal and art shops everywhere. We almost stayed another night!

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