Book Review: Esoteric Empathy by Raven Digitalis

Today we find ourselves in a world fraught with tension and misunderstanding. Communication is changing rapidly. It’s the age of “alternative facts” and twitter shame.  But it’s always the case that the world seems to be on the cusp of great change, isn’t it? The reality is probably that our moment of great change, our time of dramatic transition is not as extreme as it feels to us when evaluated against the history of our world.  That’s why books that share skills and tools for any age that help people create more compassion, understanding, healing, and empathy are so important. Esoteric Empathy by Raven Digitalis is a book that is wonderfully relevant in our fraught times and will be highly valued by many emapths and metaphysical healers for decades to come.

We have a responsibility to follow through with our visualizations and magickal work with real-life work. IT’s not enough to visualize an emotional transformation for someone if we don’t do some kind of work to make that a reality in the physical dimension. We can make the choice to get active and fights for the causes we’re passionate about.

This title is mainly geared towards helping the Empath or Highly Sensitive Person navigate the world using their emotional understanding and gifts to build better relationships and communities. For those new to the concept of empathic skills, there is a great explanation of the author’s interpretation of what being an empath is all about at the beginning of the book. The foundation for greater work and use of empathy is laid in the chapter.

Other chapters go into greater depth on how empaths can use their skills to heal themselves and others. There are skills and meditations presented that strengthen empathetic abilities allow empaths to use boundaries and communication to their advantage. I found it particularly refreshing to read that the overwhelming and intensity of empathic gifts is something to learn and work through rather than an excuse to isolate or refuse to participate in the world. So often, empaths are depicted as individuals incapable of participating in the world because their gifts set them a part too much. Now, I don’t disagree that these gifts must be a challenge to live with at times. Gifts are there to be used in my opinion. We serve no one by allowing our most gifted to suffer alone.

Overwhelming energies might seem like a psychic attack to the empath. In reality, psychic attacks are exceedingly rare and are pretty easy to deal with. We must avoid paranoid thinking! I have witnessed a number of empaths and sensitive individuals push everyone away from their lives, believing them to be activating cures, casting the evil eye, or otherwise trying to hurt them.

I really enjoyed the book and learned a great deal about empathy. There were sections that were surprisingly applicable to my own life despite not having empathetic gifts beyond the average human. I found new tools for enhancing the way I engage with others. I also feel like I understand my empathetic friends in new, deeper ways. I loved the way stories, quotes, and meditations were integrated throughout the book. The actual paperback book was also beautiful and a joy to leaf through. The striking black end pages and start/finish pages were quite exciting.

This book is one that I’d recommend to anyone exploring empathic/psychic abilities or hoping to become a more empathetic communicator. The balance between metaphysics and real world applications couldn’t be better in this easy to read and engaging title!

*I did receive a free review copy from the publisher/author for an honest review. All thoughts are my own. 

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