White Hot Truth by Danielle LaPorte

Sitting down with your best friend to hash out the problems of your week and the joys of your life is one of the best ways to bring focus, love, and expansion to your life. Sitting down to read one of Danielle LaPorte’s book does exactly the same thing. You know there will be hard truths, exuberant laughter, and all the warm feels you can handle. White Hot Truth brings all that and more!

I’ll be honest, it took me a few chapters to really get into this book. The messages were solid and the writing comfortable. It was like I was just going over the basics of catch-up with a friend, nice but nothing earth shattering. Then the book dove deep around chapter eight. Chapter eight is all about how to love with an open heart but still honor yourself with healthy boundaries. This stems from one of my all time favorite blog posts of Danielle’s. She delivers all the same shivers and “oh, hell yes!” in the book as the blog, but the book gives even more depth and love.

The book continues with chapters like “You are your own guru”, “The path within your path”, and “Discernment is everything”. Danielle even touches on the ways our society has warped and wrangled sacred sex. She doesn’t worry about upsetting the well established trends in the new age/lightworker scene. Instead, she points out the problems, gives a little love, and provides some ideas for solutions. The same tone continues into her chapter “Power tools”. I wish this was required reading for everyone who takes up meditation or buys crystals for healing! Instead of saying that these tools are necessary or just fun, Danielle points out the obvious. Belief is power. Belief in the wrong tools or using tools at the wrong time in your journey can be a hindrance or even wound on your path. I loved reading that truth!

Finally, the last two chapters are amazing. I didn’t want to go all fan girl in this review, but it’s hard not to when the book ends with raw and beautiful wisdom like this. Rarely, have I read such thoughtful and wise words on the problem of evil as Danielle’s in the chapter “Regarding Suffering”. If you’ve ever questioned the why of suffering, you should seek this book out. The book ends with a chapter called “Devotion”. It’s the perfect ending for a book written to the seekers and healers. So many of us seek a connection and a purpose. It’s easy in this seeking to get tangled into viewing devotion through the wrong lens. After reading this chapter, I reevaluated my own relationship to devotion (and so much more!).

Wisdom, Joy, and love radiate from this incredible book. I’ve already been hounding my friends to purchase the book or put their name on the waitlist at the library. This is the delicious read that you are looking for. It might not all be what you need to hear. It might not all be as enlightening as some chapters were for me. However, I can guarantee that there is something worthwhile for everyone in this book. And if the topic isn’t enough to make you pick up the book, take a listen to the audiobook. Danielle reads the book and her voice is like dark chocolate and red wine. It’s produced very well and makes for an extremely enjoyable listen.

So, so good!

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