Digital Community – Pagan Perspective

Long before I was making my own videos on YouTube, I was watching and subscribing to my favorite channels. Vlogbrothers and Charlieissocoollike opened me up to this community of creators who had ideas and projects that inspired me. It wasn’t long before I found the corner of YouTube that was Pagan. Cara on Cutewitch772 was one of the first channels I found. It was liberating to hear voices and experiences from other Pagans. I didn’t know many Pagans, at the time, IRL. I had no idea that there were so many different flavors of Paganism and so many resources available to enrich my own Pagan path.

The Pagan Perspective, a collab channel started by Cara, was one of those channels that opened the world of Paganism up to me. Each week the hosts cover a topic that is submitted by viewers. Each day has a different host. Once a month, the substitute hosts cover a topic. They might also fill in when a regular host needs a break or has a lot going on. Some hosts I really resonated with. Other hosts had nothing I could relate to. Yet, I still loved hearing different ideas about the same question.

When the chance came up for new substitute hosts starting in January of 2015, I leapt at the opportunity to submit an audition video. It was so excited to move from a fan of the channel to being a part of the video making part. I felt like I belonged to this community in a bigger way now.

Video making has ebb and flowed throughout the last couple years. Sometimes, I have time to devote to making quality videos. Plenty of videos are just made to answer the question and fulfill the obligation with no care give to quality. That responsibility to the other hosts and community surrounding  the channel has been a big, wonderful drive to keep creating even when life gets in the way with to-do lists and events.

I’ve also been able to document my beliefs and changes to my practice in a more dedicated way than I do on my regular channel or even here on the blog. Druids of all stripes and colors have reached out and shared their own stories and practices with me. I’ve learned so much about Druidry, my path, and the Pagan community through this process.

What I didn’t realize when I started pasting was how much the comments and interaction with the community watching the videos would mean to me. Every time a viewer reaches out I do a little happy dance. I’ve overwhelmed by the support people show for everyone on the channel and each other. Discussions in the comments on controversial ideas or beliefs shows a level of thoughtfulness that many communities online never even dream of. The Pagan Perspective has really become my happy place.

So, thank you to Cara and those who started the channel. Thank you to my fellow hosts, you are so lovely and encouraging. Thank you to everyone who watches on youtube, who comments, and messages us. This interaction is what keeps me posting and exploring. Thank you to those of you who watch the videos from this blog. A big digital hug goes out to this wonderful community for all the support I’ve gained from being  a part of Pagan Perspective.

Happy Anniversary Pagan Perspective!



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