Revisiting My Book of Awen


The Ovate studies in Druidry encourage you to learn a great deal of material, develop that Inner Grove, and cultivate Nwyfre. Crafting a grimoire or book of shadow is one way to keep track of all this work. Last year I did a video where I described the process I used for making my own book, which I decided to call my Book of Awen. Every time I open this book for ritual or reflection I find myself loving it more and more. I’ve poured a lot of my Ovate experience into it’s pages. It’s traveled with me to rituals and through the ups and downs of casting magic. Today I wanted to share a few of the pages that I’ve created over the last year with you. I hope that the video might inspire your own book. It will also serve as a personal reminder of what I’ve created this year that I can compare to future videos.

Now, those who have been watching my videos know that I’ve been also working on honor the mystery in Druidry while pursuing my Ovate Grade. As I move ever deeper into these studies this year I will continue to balance between my desire to share, be open to those around me and the need for privacy and silence. Choosing what pages to share with you was a exercise in finding that balance.

There are times that the video will show the whole page. I suppose someone could pause the video and read/write out all the same material that I did for themselves. Generally, though I don’t think viewers will have the patience to decode that or read all the details thus keeping some privacy to my work.

The pages that I feature are also mostly generic subject pages. They are focused on general information, my favorite quotes, or inspiring images. Personal reflections on rituals or magic are kept away from the video camera. Pages that are folded in or hidden in pockets in the book are also never opened fully. Those are already meant for deep reflection not causal perusal.

As I’ve worked on the book I’ve developed a style that I love and fits the tone of my Book of Awen quite well. The font is the same throughout the book; it’s a variation of a Celtic Calligraphy font. I use the same pens in Blue and Green for headers and the text of the page. I have special box of colored pencils I use for the drawings (which honestly I sometimes trace because drawing is not my thing). All the tools I use for this book are kept with the book and used only for this project. Interestingly, the separation of tools has created a pattern for setting up the space to add something to the book. This pattern sets the time a part and works as a ritual for infusing magic and wonder into every item or word put into my book. Awen truly begins to flow when I delve into this book’s pages. It now has a spirit and essence of its own that is part me, part Druidry, and part magical self.

I don’t think I’ve ever enjoy crafting a magical tool quite the way I’ve enjoyed this project. Hopefully, next year I’ll also have a small video for you where I can show what has changed or evolved in my Book of Awen while I step onto the next path in my Druidry studies.


5 thoughts on “Revisiting My Book of Awen

  1. I’m so glad I’ve found your blog; I’ve just begun the druid grade myself and it’s so nice to read about experiences. Thank you for sharing, and I too admire your Book of Awen!


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