Planning & Journaling for 2018 – All About the Feels

Opening to a crisp, clean page in my journal and putting my thoughts to pen is one of the greatest joys in my day. I’ve been journaling since I started to write; I’ve even kept every journal I’ve had. Last year when I combined my planner with my journal in my homemade Midori Traveler’s Notebook, I thought I had mastered planning for all time. Throughout the year I noticed that I no longer felt as juicy and settled when writing in my journal. That planner part of the notebook only a few pages away kept calling me to get up and do something. So, 2018 is a new year with a new planner set-up.

I’m using my Midori for my journal, a notebook for Druidry, and a brain dump notebook. Already I feel more invigorated while writing in my journal. It’s as if the journal can breathe again without the stifling planner near by.

The Desire Map Planner by Danielle LaPorte has become my planner of choice for the year. The paper is so lux and the feeling is perfect. There is room for magic and introspection, but you still get shit done. I’ve added a printout of the Tarot Card I pulled for each month and a cut out with my budget for the month. Each day I take time to draw the weather, track my water, track meditation, and meal plan. I’m also pulling an Ogham most days. Then of course there is room for my Core Desired Feelings. It’s working out so well for me. I can’t wait to see what the whole year brings!

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