Book Review: Celtic Folklore Cooking by Joanne Asala

A friend in my book club was talking about how she loves to read cookbooks. I’ve never considered just reading a cookbook before. Celtic Folklore Cooking was a delightful start to this new reading adventure. It was filled with myth, poems, and folklore. There were recipes to delight every palate and traditions to inspire new cooking journeys.

The first table of contents in this book lays out the categories of recipes. There is a section for: beverages, breads, milk/eggs/cheese, soup, vegetables, fish/seaweed, meat, and desserts. At the beginning of each of these sections you will discover another table of content that lays out the individual recipes. This is an interesting way of laying out the sections but is perhaps not the most efficient way to find a specific dish. It makes a reader linger over the cookbook rather than just go to a page, cook, and put away.

What I loved was reading about how the traditions surrounding a certain recipe came to be or how many still use it today. There were recipes that my family still use and new dishes I hope to try. Each recipe begins with a description and folklore. The ingredients are bolded making it very easy to read while cooking. The steps are not detailed but remain simple and clear. Some of the recipes are copies of very old recipes and might take a bit more deciphering to use, but are so unique! Poems and stories also dot the pages.

You are sure to find treasures and inspiration in this cookbook!

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