Finding Awen

Whether it’s the sound of waves crashing against the rocky shore or a farm bell ringing out over the pasture, inspiration rings within us when the moment is right. In Druidry we often describe the force of feeling inspired as Awen. In this short video I present a primer on the term Awen with two exercises to help those new to Awen become familiar with sound and feeling of Awen.

The first time I encountered Awen was when I was guided by the OBOD bard course to try chanting it. To this day I’m not sure how I had skipped over Awen in all the previous study and books I’d covered on Druidry before joining the order. With no previous introduction to the term, I began a ritual and dialed into chanting Awen. Suddenly, I felt tingly all over and flush with this push of energy. It was a feeling I had felt before but never so strongly. Never before had I felt that energy of connection rush in and build upon itself so easily. It was inspiration in a whole new way!

Since that first ritual chanting I’ve become more accustomed to tuning into Awen. The sound of Awen joining my rituals and office meetings is like the sound of the sweetest bells to me. It’s the sound of forest streams bringing poetry and words to my mind. It’s the sound of the charging ocean as I plan our farm and garden out. Awen sings around me more and more. The divine energy has become a closer friend as the years go by. It demands respect and humility, but mostly it demands action.

I’m curious to know what your first interaction with Awen was like. Has that relationship changed at all?

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